Sanam Sports Korangi Industrial Area Karachi.

Dynamic Balancing of 02 Nos.Centrif ugal type Fans for Socks manufacturing machines Fan Capacity-25 HP/2900 RPM & 15 HP/2900 RPM.

Anam Fabrics SITE Karachi

Designing, Supply & Installation of Centrifugal Type High Pressure Suction Fans for Socks manufacturing Machines.

Fan capacities–20 HP/2900 RPM–01 No.15 HP/2900 RPM. 02 Nos.

Aquafina(PEPSI) Super Highway

Designing Supply & Installation of Ventilation system for their new bottle-makingmachine imported from Japan by our Fans Capacity-14500 CFM.With all ducting work. Also Supplied Ventilation system for Power House of capacity 202000 CFM By Axial type Fans with all Filtration & ductwork.

Pakola(PEPSI) Super Highway

Designing supply & Installation of Air Handling Unit for Air Condi tion system forMilk Manufacturing Plant. AHU Capacity-50TonDesigning,Supply &Installationof Air Handling Units-Qty–05 Nos. Designing to Commissioning of HVAC System for production Hall Capacity of AirHandling Units 10x5 = 50 Tons of Air Condition System by Chill water Circuit. .

(PEPSI) SITE Karachi

Designing Supply & Installation of Ventilation System for Slice ManufacturingDepartment Hall By our Cabinet Fan. Qty–04 Nos.

Cabinet type Fan Capacity–10500 CFM, Motor–10 HP Centrifugal Type Exhaust Air Fans Capacity –7500 CFM Motor-7.5 HP With all ducting work.

Anwarzaib White Cement Kotri

Supply of 55 KW Killen Fan Frequency Inverter at Cement Plant.

Fairdeal Textile Mills SITE Karachi

Designing & Installation of Humidification System for Looms Capacity–55000 CFM by 30 HP/1450 RPM Special Designed Mist Fan alongwith 165 Feet Length Ducting & under water tray with complete Electrical Controls & Panel.

Also Supplied Centrifugal Fan for Singeing Machine Capacity–2150 CFMS.P-45" WG for BURNER purpose.

ICI Karachi.

Supply of Fume Extraction Cent. Fan Capacity=7150,CFM,S.P=8.2" WG Motor = 15HP/1450 RPM for Sampling Booth.

Mehran Foods & Spice Pvt Ltd K.I.A Karachi (Food Industry).

Supply of Material Transport fans in Grinding Plant
Capacity–20HP/2800 RPM Qty-06 Nos. with Dynamic Balancing.

Nabi Qasim Industries K.I.A Karachi (Pharmaceutical Company).

Designing & Supply of WetScrubber System for Protection of Environment.

Capacity–1500 CFM By-Stainless steel Scrubber & Cabinet Fans of 150,200,400,900 & 1500 CFM.