Siddiqsons Denim Mills Ltd. Hub Balochistan.

Dynamic Balancing of Boiler Fan.

Fazal Sardar / Fatima Textile Mills Korangi.

Designing & Supply of Ventilation System through Ventilation Fans Capacity – 21,500 CFM each Fan.

Total No of Fans Supplied – 13 Nos.

Areva T & D (Pakistan Pvt Ltd) Site Karachi.

Designing and Installation of Dust collection System through our Dust Collector for the suction of Isolator Cutting & Grinding dust. Capacity – 1000 CFM. Static Pressure – 14”WG. Also Designed and Installed a Suction Fan for Powder Coating Plant Dust Collection System, Capacity – 4500 CFM, Static Pressure – 12” WG.

Amin Textile Mills Kotri

Designing and Supply of Rotary Air Filtration Suction Fans

Capacity – 10 HP/2800 RPM for Nozzles.

Surraya Textile Mills Kotri

Designing and Supply of Axial type Fans for Carding Department of Mill

Capacity – 52000 CFM Motor – 30 HP/1450 rpm.

Sohnitex Textile Industries

Suppy & Installation of Ventilation Fans –02 Nos.

Capacity = 21500CFM

Motor 2 HP

Ghani Glass (Glass Manufacturing)

Designing & Supply of Centrifugal fans for new plant at Landhi.

Capacities - 100 HP/1450 RPM–02 Nos.S.P–23.5” WG.

Capacities–150 HP/1450 RPM-04 Nos. S.P–23.5” WG.

Capacities-25 HP/2900 RPM–02 Nos. S.P–40” WG.

Capacities–10 HP/2900 RPM–08 Nos. S.P–23.5” WG.

Fraz Industries North Karachi (Auto Parts Manufacturing)

Designing & Supply of Dust Collection System by our Latest pulse Jet Type dust collector Capacity-4500 CFM for buffing department. Gharib Sons Bin Qasim Karachi

Gharib Sons Bin Qasim Karachi

Supply of Water Chilling System for factory Capacity–100 Gallons

Bin Qasim Packages Bin Qasim Karachi

Designing, Supply & Installation of Ventilation System for complete Factory Situated at Bin Qasim Karachi. By Our Canopy type Roof Exhauster Fans. Qty of Fans-14 Nos. Capacity–14500 CFM Each fan, S.P-1.2” WG Supply of Water Chilling System for factory Capacity–100 Gallons