Poolani textile mills site karachi

Designing and Installation of Humidification system along with all Piping and ducting work. Capacity – 60,000 CFM 01 NO

Designing Supply and Installation of Humidification system for the Extension of Department by Axial Fans Capacity 28000 CFM and 10,000 CFM.

Allah Din Group of Companies Multan.

Designing Fabrication and Installation of HVAC Systems for 04 No Factories Continuously. Like Centrifugal Fans, Axial Fans, Ventilation Fans, Ducting, Dust collectors and Stainless Steel Scrubbers for Air Purification Systems. Capacities ranges from 10,000 CFM to 140,000 CFM.2500 CFM Each 1.5 IN WG Static Pressure

X-Pretax Denim Mills Site Karachi.

Designing, Fabrication and Installation of Complete Humidification Systems=02 No for 48 Air Jet Looms (Make – “Nissan” Japan). Now the 3rd Plant is in Processes for 28 No Looms. Each plant capacity – 92,700 CFM through Capacity of Axial Fans (62,200 CFM and 30,500 CFM) Capacity of Absorption Chiller – 144 TR. Also Manufactured & Supplied S.S Water Rotary Filter for the Filtration of dirty water capacity – 450 GPM.

Pakistan Beverages Ltd. (PEPSI)

(Designing Manufacturing Supply and Installation with commissioning of Ventilation System for the complete Factory D-113 S.I.T.E Mangopir Road Karachi. By AXIAL Fans and (New Technology Ventilation Fans) with ductwork. We hope that you shall oblige us.

(Designing & Installation of 12 Ton A/C Unit along Duct Work.Ventilation System for New Power Houses –02 Nos. Capacity – 30000 CFM Each Generator.With Complete Filtration, Ducting & Installation Work.

Beltexco Limited (Manufacturers of Safety Gloves)

Designing Supply and Installation of Centrally Air Curtain System for the Oven Working Doors and Windows .By two centrifugal fans and G.I Ducting along with dampers and air grills. Fan Capacity - 10 HP/1450, Flow – 7500 CFM, Qty – 02 Nos.

Designing & Installation of Dust Collection System By Worlds Latest Plus Jet Type Dust Collector for the saving of Material /Powder During the Filling of Bags in Drums. Capacity – 3000 CFM, Designed Electric Load – 10 HP Designing & Supply of Dust Collection System by our Latest pulse Jet Type dust collector, Capacity- 3000 CFM for Powder filling department.

Yasir Fruit Juice SITE Karachi. (PEPSI)

Designing Supply and Installation of Positive Pressure Ventilation System for the Production Hall of Tropicana and Slice Bottles Manufacturing Hall. By 02 No Cabinet Type Centrifugal Fresh Air Fans Capacity 12000CFM/10 HP and 02 Nos. Cent. type Exhaust Air Fans Capacity 9500 CFM /7.5 HP along with ductwork.

I.Q Knitwear K.I.A Karachi. (Socks Manufacturing)

Designing Fabrication and Installation of High Pressure Centrifugal Type Fan For the Suction system of Socks manufacturing 30 Nos. Conti Machines. Fan capacity – 5770 CFM/30HP/2850- S.P = 36” WG.

Dadabhoy Cement Industries Ltd.

DDynamic Balancing of I.D Fan. Rotor. Weight = 4.5 Tons Rotor Dia – 3048 mm .Fan Motor – 1200KW & RPM =1450 at Dadabhoy Cement Factory Nooriabad.

Roomi Textile Mills Site Karachi.

Designing & Installation of Humidification System for 52 Nos. Looms Along with G.I Ducting & Electrical Control Panel

Designing Supply & Installation of Humidification System for Looms Department by 01 No. Humidification Mist Fan & One No. Ducting with Complete System.

Bright Trade & Industries (Sault & Rice Manufacturers)

Designing & Installation of F. D Type Fan for the Sault Drier system.