Lucky Cement Limited (YB)

Manufacturing and Supply of All types of Fans used in Cement Industries Also Supplied the Complete Ventilation System for New Power House at D.I.Khan.

Also Designed and Installed a Ventilation System for 35 Mega Watts Power Generation System By 15 Nos. Axial Fans of 30 HP/1450 RPM each at Dera Ismail Khan with Air Filtration and Electrical Control system.

Designed & Installed Complete Ventilation System for (03 Nos. Rolls Royce 6.8MW Each Generator) by 12 Nos. Axial Fans Capacity – 37000 CFM ,S.P – 5.5" WG, Motor – 20 HP/1450 RPM with Air filtration System. Also Designed & Installed Ventilation System at Karachi Port for Silo Project Complete System.

Designing, Manufacturing & Supply of Dust Collection Vacuum System for Silo Project at Karachi Port for the Filling of Cement in Ship Cap – 9550 CFM By Our Pulse Jet Type Self Contained Dust Collector.

Aima Group Hotel

Designing Manufacturing and Installation of HVAC & Electrical system for Hotel along with Ventilation system for Kitchen and also Installed a Cargo Lift Capacity -300 Kg for delivery of foods.

Manufacturing and Installation of Centrifugal Type Fans 02 No for Kitchen Exhaust ,Capacity = 12500 CFM Each 1.5 IN WG Static Pressure

Renfro Crescent S.I.T.E Karachi.

Manufacturing and Installation of Cyclone Suction System for 300 Knitting Machines (Socks) designed by an American Company along with all ductwork. Capacity – 60 HP -01 NO. By Centrifugal Fan – 01 No.

Young’s Foods Industries

(I) Designing Fabrication and Installation of Ventilation system along with all ducting work for all Factory Departments. Capacity – 7.5 HP 05 No. 15 HP 01No.

(II)Designing , Manufacturing and Installation of 05 HP reciprocating Chiller for Honey department.

(III)Designing & Installation of 30 Tonnage Reciprocating Chillers for Ketchup Department.This work is in process.

Capricorn Industries K.I.A

(i) Designing Fabrication and installation of Dust collection system Capacity 21,250 CFM along with all ductwork for Pesticide manufacturing Plant.

(ii) Designing Fabrication and Installation of 15 HP Centrifugal Fan along with Bag Filters to supply 95% clean air for compressor room.

(iii) Supply and Installation of Axial Type Fans-02 No, Capacity-5500 CFM Each for Exhaust System of Compressor Room.

(iv) Designing Fabrication and Installation of G.I Ducting for Powder Plant.

(v) Balancing of Cyclone Fan Capacity-35 HP for Powder Manufacturing Plant.

(vi) Designing and Installation of Dust Collector Capacity –10,500 CFM

K.M.C Ladies Sports Complex

(Consultant- S. Mehboob & Company)

Installation of Complete HVAC System for Squash Court 02 No, Swimming Pool-01 No along with False ceiling work and ventilation system for Sports hall, Kitchen and toilet areas by ventilation fans and G.I Ducting.

Lakhany Silk Mills Pvt Ltd Karachi

Designing Manufacturing and Installation of 02 No Axial Fans Capacity 28500 CFM & 15200 CFM for “Power Generation Room” for 02 No Generators.Supply of Ventilation Fans -03 Nos. For Stiching Dept Capacity – 21500 CFM, S.P- 0.5" WG Motor -2HP

Master Molty Foam

Designing and Installation of Centrifugal Type Fan for Foam Plant Ventilation/Exhaust system along with all duct work and return air grills at Azad Kashmir Mirpur Industrial Area. Capacity – 30,000 CFM / 25 HP.

Agha Khan Jamat Khana

Designing & Installation of 05 No Cabinet Type Fresh Air Fans for Jamat Kahana Hall along with G.I -22 Gauge Ducting for each fan with Air Filters Capacity- 10,500 CFM/10 HP.

Cera-e-Noor Hub Balochistan

Balancing of 25 HP centrifugal type fan. Manufacturing & Supply of 25 HP & 35 HP Centrifugal type Fan-02 NO. Manufacturing and Supply of Ventilation Fans Capacity of 21500 CFM Along with Ductwork.