M.M. Engineering established in 1996, M.M Engineering / AMCO Industries has evolved into one of premier manufacturers of high quality industrial Fans, Dust Collectors, Cyclones, Chillers, Air Handling Units, Humidifiers, Scrubbers, Ventilation Fans and Air Curtains. M.M. Engineering manufactures both centrifugal fans and axial fan designs of our centrifugal fan range include: backward laminar, backward curve, flat backward radial paddle blade, forward curved multi-vane radial blade, high pressure blowers. Our axial fan products includes direct driven axial, belt driven axial, Spun bifurcated and fabricated bifurcated fans.

This firms success can be attributed to continuous development and testing of products, investment not only in plant and machinery, but in employees at all levels and concentration on niche markets.

For over several years M.M. Engineering have worked in closed contacts with engineers form around the world, understanding their needs and designing equipment to satisfy all their requirements.

M.M. Engineering specializes in, high quality bespoke designed fan for an extensive range of applications including heating and ventilation, Air Pollution Control, Petro chemical, Cement, Textile, Food and Process Engineering renowned internationally for their quality Over the years the company has developed an enviable reputation for quality and reliability. This is due to the company philosophy that all products are tested during manufacturing, to ensure that the customer receives the quality that they have come to expect.

Why Choose Us

1. We are independent we choose plant best suited for the client.
2. Personal contacts the person who takes the enquiry follows the project to its conclusion.
3. We listen attention to detail.
4. Our ethos is to design system to suit the client needs.
5. All mechanical, electrical and software design is done is house.
6. We never walk away from a problem.
7. Our repeat business client base speaks for it self.

Resources and Facilities

   In House disciplines :                                  
          Mechanical design                                         
 Auto CAD
          Electrical design                                               Ms. Word, Project, Ms. Excel
          Software design                                        After Sales Services
   SITE Installation                             
                      Planned maintenance
          Software management                                   Services Call out 24/7
          System commissioning                                  Spare Parts
          Plant hand over and customer training