Air Doors & Air Curtains
    Air Handling Unit
    Axial Fan
    Centrifugal Fan & Impellar
    Cooler ID Fan
    Dust Collector
    Electric Control Pannel
    Evaporating Tank
    Water Chilling Cooler
    Ventilation Fans
M.M. Engineering Established in 1996, M.M Engineering / AMCO Industries has evolved into one of premier manufacturers of high quality Industrial Fans, Dust Collectors, Cyclones, Chillers, Air handling units, Humidifiers, Scrubbers, Ventilation Fans and Air Curtains. M.M. Engineering manufactures both centrifugal fans and axial fan designs of our centrifugal fan range includes: backward laminar, backward curve, flat backward radial paddle blade, forward curved multi-vane radial blade high pressure blowers.

The MM's Auto Tracking filed balancing is a portable, high - precision instrument designed for static or dynamic balancing of fully assembled rotors in their own bearings under actual or simulated running conditions . readmore

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